About Us

Tony Haresign  @esquirebarbershop

Master Craftsman In Barbering  (The 1st to be awarded the accolade  in Scotland)

Master Craftsman in Hairdressing – Senior State Registered Barber

British Barber’s Association Member

British Master Barber’s Alliance Member

Lecturer / Educator

Platform Artist

Barber EVO Coloumist


Kayti Dickinson  @kayti_esquirebarbershop

Graduate State Registered Barber

6 Years Colouring Experience

Work Published in Modern Barber

Fitness Freak

Soup Lover

Part 1 – About Esquire Barbershop

Part 2 – More About Esquire Barbershop

Our Trading Hours by appointment are:

LUNCH 1pm to 2pm DAILY

Monday – 9am – 5pm

Tuesday – 9am – 6pm (WALK IN)

Wednesday – 10am – 7pm

Thursday – 9am – 6pm

Friday – 9am – 6pm

Saturday – 9am – 5pm

Appointments can be booked online or in the shop.