All the way from California we are proud to be Authorised Stockists of Bona Fide Pomade.


“SUPER” SUPERIOR HOLD is a water-based pomade with a fresh citrus scent and a “SUPER” strong hold.

Our “SUPER” SUPERIOR HOLD was designed for those folks with hard to manage coiffures.

It is everything our SUPERIOR HOLD is and then some!

The strongest water-based pomade.  Pomp taller, slick tighter, and be BONA FIDE with our “SUPER” SUPERIOR HOLD.


SUPERIOR HOLD is a water-based pomade with a strong hold, high shine, and fresh citrus scent.

The SUPERIOR HOLD was formulated to grip your hair like a traditional petrolatum based pomade but will wash out with ease.

Say good-bye to the annoying greasy residue of yesteryear!  This pomade is easy to apply, will not flake and will shine and hold all day.

SUPERIOR HOLD has become the go-to pomade of some of the most talented barbers and stylist in the hair industry.


FIBER POMADE is a water-based pomade with a medium hold, medium shine, grapefruit scent and highly pliable texture.

Dig the “bed-head” look?  Well this product is for your!

It will remain pliable all day giving you the ability to restyle and reshape whenever your heart desires.


MATTE PASTE is a water-based pomade with a strong hold, citrus scent and matte finish.

One of the most versatile and easy to apply matte hair products available.

Apply to blow dried hair to achieve a completely matte finish with superb hold power and volume for natural looking styles.

Apply to damp hair to achieve tight and slick back styles with little to no shine.